Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Applications

When a user first opens CGC (Culture Gate Collector) he must register a new account. In order to create a new account click on the button “Sign Up”.

On the “Sign Up” screen, fill all the fields (email, username, password, discipline) and click the SIGN UP button. If the user filled all the necessary fields, then the procedure of registration has been successful and the new user is being redirected to Sign In page.

The user must fill the fields username and password and click the SIGN IN button. If the user gave the correct credentials he is being redirected to the “Functionality Board” screen.

From this screen the user chooses which functionality to use based on his location and clicks the appropriate button.

Every functionality uses the same screen structure. The user must fill the fields (Contribution Title, Description, Discipline). Then if he wants to take a picture he hits the “TAKE PICTURE” button, if he wants to record a video then the RECORD VIDEO button and if he needs to capture an audio file he must click the RECORD AUDIO button.

When everything has been done right, the user must click on the “SEND CULTURAL DATA” button and his contribution will be sent, immediately, to Culture Gate Web Server.

If the user wants to use the service again, he follows the same procedure. If he wants to use another functionality he must click on the back button located at the bottom right angle of the screen and he will be redirected to Functionality Board again.

Culture Gate Collector smartphone application can be installed in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that run Android operating system.

In order to be able to install this application you should turn on the feature “Unknown Source” (enable app installation for unknown sources) from Settings > Security section.

Afterwards visit the page Mobile Services, from your Android device. At the end of this page you can click on the Download button and application’s apk file will be downloaded and installed in your device.

When the procedure terminates, a new icon called Culture Gate Collector will appear on your screen.

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